Posted: May 13, 2024

Building A New Home? 10 Propane Appliances to Consider

A look at all the fuel can power in your new place

propane appliance Hamilton, TX Your new home or a builder’s new home construction project is going to be filled with all sorts of appliances. And something is going to have to power and fuel these appliances. What is this ‘something’ going to be? For many homeowners and builders, the answer is propane.

What propane can do

One of the huge advantages of propane is its versatility. It can be used to power, fuel and operate a long list of different appliances, equipment and pieces of machinery. When it comes to building a new home specifically, propane can power and fuel the following 10 appliances and common home items:

  1. Space heaters that are used in outdoor areas such as patios
  2. Backup generators that are used for power in the event of a blackout
  3. Pool heaters
  4. Spa heaters
  5. Heating systems
  6. Water heating systems
  7. Clothes dryers
  8. Outdoor grills and cooking ranges
  9. Stoves
  10. Gas fireplaces

Why use propane for your new home construction

We mentioned propane’s versatility, which is certainly one of the benefits that the gas and fuel provides. However, homeowners and builders who use propane to power their appliances benefit in other ways as well. Here is a look at what else propane can offer:

Propane for new home construction from Hill Gas

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