Posted: April 8, 2024

Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100% Full After Delivery?

It’s actually a matter of safety

propane tank Erath County, TX There are a bunch of very common things that most of us do to help ensure our safety and the safety of our loved ones. We install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in our homes. We get our cars serviced on a regular basis. We use home security systems that alert us of any potential danger. And we should make sure our propane tanks are never 100% full.

Why your propane tank should never be completely full

Yes, making sure our propane tanks are never 100% full is actually a safety precaution and something that helps keep you and your home out of harm’s way.

The propane that goes into your propane tank is a liquid. And just like any liquid, propane will expand as it warms up. Therefore, you need to leave room in your propane tank to allow for this expansion.

Your propane tank should really only ever be 80% full, even right after a refill and a propane delivery. Capping at 80% leaves the room that is necessary for your tank’s gas to expand, which helps keep you, your family and your home safe.

It is common to find residential propane tanks that are 120-gallons, 250-gallons, 500-gallons and 1,000-gallons. But based on the above information, we know that a 120-gallon propane tank does not actually hold 120 gallons of propane (and a 250-gallon propane tank doesn’t hold 250 gallons of propane and so on). 96 gallons of propane can safely go in a 120-gallon propane tank. A 500-gallon tank should only be filled with 400 gallons of propane at a time.

Since your propane tank should never be 100% full, it is recommended that you order a refill for your tank when your tank level hits about 20%. This will give you enough time to arrange your next delivery without having to worry about running out of propane entirely.

Tracking your propane tank’s levels

So how exactly do you know when your propane tank has reached that 20% mark?

Here are a few different ways to monitor and check your propane levels:

Propane delivery from Hill Gas

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