Electric vs. Propane Forklifts

Which option should you go with?

gas forklifts dublin, tx Forklifts are used on a daily basis within many different commercial industries. Agricultural workers, people who work on construction sites, warehouses and manufacturers rely on them to get everyday jobs done. Since they are such an important part of numerous different business operations, it is important to use the type of forklift that is best for your business. And that brings us to electric verses propane forklifts.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts operate with the help of an electric motor that has a rechargeable battery. This means that they will eventually run out of power every few hours and need to be recharged before they are able to operate again.

Propane Forklifts

Instead of using any kind of electric motor or battery, these forklifts rely on propane gas to operate and work. Since they produce minimal carbon emissions, they are safe to use in well-ventilated indoor areas, which increases their popularity among warehouse workers, distribution centers and manufacturers.

Propane forklifts have propane tank cylinders that store their supply of propane. Once that propane has been used up, the cylinder simply needs to be replaced with a full one. This means that there is no need to find a way to charge a propane forklift, which makes it a convenient choice for any work done outside of warehouses and manufacturing sites.

Reasons to use propane for your forklifts

There are a whole lot of reasons why warehouses, distribution centers and construction sites choose to use propane gas powered forklifts. Here are a few:

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Where Does Propane Come From?

Get To Know This Efficient & Reliable Home Fuel

propane comanche, tx If you have propane appliances around your home or business you may very well be aware of how versatile the fuel is. You may also know about all the amazing benefits propane costumers are able to take advantage of. But you may not know where propane comes from.

The Origin of Propane

What Propane Can Do

Now that we know where propane comes from, let’s look at what propane can do. It’s a long list. Propane can be used to:

Reasons To Use Propane

We mentioned propane’s versatility and as you can see from the long list above, propane has a wide variety of different functions. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are some of the other advantages of propane:

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