Propane for Your Business

Hill Gas offers top-tier commercial propane services in Brown, Comanche, Mills and Erath Counties

For more than half a century, Hill Gas has provided expert propane delivery and services to businesses, municipalities, churches, schools, hospitals and work sites in Central Texas.

Propane can do a variety of things in homes and businesses. Almost all the propane Americans use is made in the United States, meaning it’s a plentiful energy source with a more stable price than other fuels. It powers appliances, systems and equipment with minimal emissions and stellar fuel efficiency. You can trust Hill Gas to be your full-service commercial propane provider!

Forklift Propane

Propane forklifts have better mobility and power and require less downtime than electric options. Unlike diesel and gasoline forklifts, they can operate safely indoors. You can drop by our office locations in Brownwood, Comanche, De Leon and Dublin to refill your forklift gas cylinders.

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Buinesses and Municipalities

Because of its efficiency and versatility, propane is the fuel of choice for countless Central Texas businesses and municipalities. Restaurants, offices, hotels, churches, schools and hospitals trust Hill Gas to power their heat, hot water systems, appliances and generators.

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New Construction and Builders

When you’re putting up a new home, office building or other development, propane can fuel your construction equipment effectively. Hill Gas offers propane delivery for work sites, and our team partners closely with builders to place propane tanks and install gas connections in new properties.

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