Builders and New Construction

Propane can power your Central Texas building site and enhance new property developments

Builders and New Construction Propane

In Brown, Comanche, Erath and nearby counties, Hill Gas provides the commercial propane that powers the construction of new homes, apartment buildings, retail spaces and office buildings.

The benefits of propane for builders last from construction to the finished property. Propane is a clean, efficient and versatile energy solution. And Hill Gas is the most reliable propane-delivery partner in Central Texas, working with homeowners, contractors, architects and construction teams.

Dependable, safe propane for construction equipment

When you choose propane for your construction site, you’ll see how many essential roles it serves. It powers generators to bring electricity where you need it. It cleanly and reliably fuels forklifts and other moving equipment. Propane-fired temporary heating keeps your overnight workers warm in the winter and ensures that paint, cement, compound and other materials dry correctly.

As a primarily American-made fuel, propane is a consistently affordable option. It’s also a cleaner-burning alternative, with lower carbon monoxide emissions than gasoline or diesel. It’s methane-free and contains virtually no particulate matter, so your team can breathe easier on the job!

Propane equipment and appliances enhance new buildings

Whether the new structure you’re building is residential or commercial, propane can boost its appeal. This affordable fuel powers:

Hill Gas sets up propane storage and connections on new building projects

Hill Gas handles the propane tank installation and gas line connections for new homes and commercial projects. Our expert team can come in at the planning, framing or finishing stage of construction to enact a propane solution. We’ll take care of placing an aboveground or underground tank, connections, and all safety testing.

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