Propane Tanks

Hill Gas handles tank installations, connections and maintenance for Texas Hill Country customers

Propane Tanks

There are many advantages of using propane for homes in Central Texas, but one of the biggest is its reliability. When the electric grid goes down, or there’s a service interruption with a natural gas utility, countless homes are left without crucial appliances.

Not so for the propane-powered households that Hill Gas services. With a dedicated propane tank on your property, your gas-fired cooking products and other appliances will keep on working. And if you have a propane generator, you can keep the power running even during a blackout!

Hill Gas customers in Brownwood, Comanche, De Leon, Dublin, Stephenville and other communities count on us for propane tank installation and service.

Lease a tank from Hill Gas, and we’ll handle everything!

When you become a regular Hill Gas propane delivery customer, we get to work setting up a customized storage and delivery plan based on the number of gas appliances in your home.

Our customers love leasing propane tanks from us, because we handle the whole process for them. Once we’ve determined the size of propane tank you need, we help you find the ideal spot on your property and set it up. Our safety-focused technicians connect the tank to your home and perform all necessary testing. As a tank lease customer, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or repairs. Hill Gas takes care of it for you.

And once you’re set up, you can take advantage of our FREE Keep Full automatic propane delivery program. We track your home’s propane usage and preemptively schedule your fuel delivery.

Keep Full removes the risk of a total propane runout. When a home propane tank runs empty, we need to perform safety and leak tests before we can refill it and restart your equipment. You are responsible for paying for this testing.

Standard residential propane tank sizes

Although no two households are the same, there are some standard propane tank sizes that we typically install. These include the following:

Propane tank monitoring provides total peace of mind!

Hill Gas proudly offers wireless propane tank monitors as part of our tank leases. With these devices, both you and the Hill Gas team receive real-time information about your fuel levels via wireless networks. You can follow along with a free app. And we will know the precise moment you need a delivery. It’s a win-win situation, and there’s no additional fee!

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