Propane Can Do That!

Affordable, efficient, versatile and eco-friendly — there’s a lot to recommend propane

More than 50 million American homes use propane today. Propane is an American-made, environmentally friendly option that can power a wide range of household appliances and comfort systems. With this fantastic fuel, you can enjoy superior efficiency and cost savings.

Cost benefits of propane

American producers make almost all the propane we use in this country. Indeed, we produce enough propane to export as much as we use. While propane is not totally insulated from global energy markets, its price is more stable and generally much lower than that of other energy sources.

And propane appliances are extremely efficient. Propane furnaces have fuel efficiency ratings of up to 98.5%, and propane water heaters have roughly double the hot water recovery rate of electric units. Tankless propane water heaters are even more efficient, generating almost unlimited hot water on demand with even less fuel.

This all adds up to more money in your pocket!

Propane benefits the planet too!

Propane is a genuinely green fuel for your home. It has a lower carbon intensity than most other fuels — significantly lower than that of grid electricity. (In Texas, more than half our in-state grid electricity comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.)

Propane also contains no methane (a potent greenhouse gas) and virtually no particulate matter (a known carcinogen). You can feel great about using propane in your home or business.

The incredible versatility of propane

In addition to fantastic home heating and hot water generation, propane powers a host of home appliances and amenities, including:

Home Heating
Water Heating
Gas Grills
Swimming Pools
Patio Heaters

And these products will reliably work even when the electric grid goes down or a local gas utility has a service outage. Propane is an energy source YOU control. Your onsite propane tank offers true independence!

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